what is your favorite car? why? why not?

November 5, 2009

Rallye Cap

Q/ Ideally, what kind of vehicle would you drive (or currently drive)  and why? Why is it fun? why not? why you don’t care? etc.

With so many options like hybrid, electric, gas guzzler, clunker, import, american, 4 wheels, 2 wheels, no wheels,etc. It makes sense to share ideas about these mad machines we sometimes hate so much.  In the end, it can all contribute to making us better car owners.

Share your ideas and I’ll share mine. Go crazy or go factual. Don’t let up or let up. up to you.

I’m a car enthusiast that enjoys hands-on- restoration,  past auto appraiser and inspector for the major auto insurance companies, seller, buyer, and also at times, avid hater of cars/trucks. Not too many things about cars/trucks can you tell me that will surprise me. I’ve met my share of bad auto shops, awful salesmen, amanzingly lackluser auto owners, bad cops, good cops, insurance agents, old skool owners, new drifters, stranded by the road folks, thiefs, repossesers (hard line of work from what I understand), racers, etc.

After all this time I’ve found out something very important that each one of us ignores or surpresses. .   feelings.

Like everything else today, we have to uncover our inner feelings about our cars, to be one with them. Let those feelings out, you know what I mean- the feelings about your car.



thanks for making the stop.



Hello world!

November 5, 2009

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